Scott Adams

Primary Job Role

Perl Programmer
Software Engineer
MySQL Developer

Available For

Perl Programming
Database Development
Web Applications
Test Driven Development

Current Address

Cincinnati, Ohio (Northern Kentucky)
Twitter: @perlpro


Scott Adams Hello. My name is Scott Adams, and I'm an Agile software engineer utilizing Scrum best practices. I began programming in perl in 1999 when I was tasked with developing search engines for vertical markets. Since then, I've used perl for a variety of web based and non web based applications and can say truthfully that I've embraced the more "modern" programming methodologies available to developers today. You've read Modern Perl by chromatic right? ;-)

Test Driven Development is something I resisted at first, because I couldn't see the value. However, after working on a large code base with many engineers, the benefits of TDD are obvious.

My thoughts on Moose? Catalyst? jQuery? Wijmo? Node.js? Great tools! And if they're the right tools for the job then you should use them. Quite frankly, I find myself using each of these tools more and more each day.

Summary of Qualifications

wijmo ui




10+ Years Experience


3+ Years Experience


10+ Years Experience

Nodejs and Mongodb

Less than one year Experience (as of November, 2012)


Less than one year Experience (as of November, 2012)

Capital One

Currently employed here (100% Telecommute)

Senior Application Developer

San Francisco, California


Left position for an oppty to work remotely

Senior Software Engineer - Team Lead

ValueClick Media, Westlake Village, California


Left position for career advancement

Perl Programmer and UI developer

HostGator, Houston, Texas


Left position for career advancement

Perl Programmer

QuestMark Information Management, Houston, Texas


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